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Jeroen Niesen

Jeroen is a professional and talented Microsoft consultant. With his skill set Jeroen fits easy in a role as cloud architect, trainer and implementor. Aside from his consultancy work, Jeroen also is a passionate speaker on various events. He also shares his real world knowledge on various platforms (blogs/YouTube).

Jeroen has excellent experience in Azure, Azure Stack and application lifestyle management (ALM) with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or TFS.

Latest tweets by Jeroen:

In two weeks #ExpertsLiveEU is going LIVE πŸ™Œ. Experts Live TV team @jeroenniesen and @BrendaKager will be there on location to chat with attendees, speakers & sponsors 🎀 #newepisodes #ExpertsLiveTV

XKCD comic on "datacenter scale" is hilarious:

Passed for the #AZ100 and #AZ101 #Microsoft exams! That means I am now Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate!

Johan Biere

Johan Biere has been using Microsoft Azure for several years now, working across the various aspects of the service for a variety of customers and systems. Johan is a Microsoft man and was one of the earliest Azure Insiders. Johan has a solid experience with infrastructure and applications management on different environments like O365 & Azure, he’s a big fan of platform services that allow developers and to focus on delivering business value. Johan helps all kind of customers small & enterprises to make a safe journey to the Cloud, architecting and migrating workloads from on-premises to the Microsoft Cloud.

Latest tweets by Johan:

Succes moet je vieren met een Sprint borrel. Applicatie naar de Azure Cloud waar vele werknemers van profiteren #serverless #azure #nsstations #containers

Azure Active Directory authentication over SMB for Azure Files (preview) -

Donderdag 1 november, WAZUG NL #52 bij @Xpiritbv: "Azure Powered Bots" en "Azure Durable Functions" Schrijf je hier in: